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Big promotion for GPD Pocket 3, Please add our store and Pocket 3 as a favourite and add the Pocket 3 in Cart before you place order, we will provide one free case for each of the Pocket 3 device you order.

Quite a while back we had noticed that Pocket 2, MicroPC and even P2 Max user bases formed a similar widespred group of different type of user, which sparked the idea of creating a perfect device combining each product best features into a single computer. After successfully launching WIN 3 and WIN Max 2021 with Intel 11th gen CPUs, and seeing that previous versions of the product were left behind due to important gap in term of performance, the desire of realizing this idea was getting ever stronger. In order to offer the best experience possible;to every kind of user; we decided to release the Pocket 3 and to unify those 3 comunities together.

As a fully-fledge field productivity tool, Pocket 3 features by far the most advanced design for top comprehensive functions. By using modular I/O ports, it allows users to meet the needs in different application scenarios by choosing different functional modules.

Those who had owned or used Fujitsu LifeBook P1610B, P1610C, P1610D or other 8.9-inch UMPCs will be impressed by Pocket 3’s great features such as stylish appearance, convertible design with Y axis rotation and folding, support for digital pen with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and handwriting support, the best Intel 11th gen U series processor and Thunderbolt 4 interface, support for external graphics docking stations. After some use not only you will understand what we are trying to accomplish with such device, but you will also be amazed by how much value it brings as an all-round productivity tool, a convertible tablet, an immersion inducing machine and the real successor of great UMPCs!

  1. 8-inch IPS screen featuring great outdoor visibility, 180-degree opening and DC dimming, a bright and vivid display for your content consumption pleasure;

  2. The specifically developed swivel screen allows clockwise screen rotation around the Y axis, allowing you to share the screen content with everyone around;

  3. Backward foldable screen that supports 10-point touch, allowing fast switching between laptop/tablet modes;

  4. Supports active stylus with 4096-level pressure sensor, supports original handwriting and compatible with Surface Pen;

  5. Supports EIA RS-232 serial interface expansion module, which makes Pocket 3 a true mobile workstation for operation and maintenance engineers;

  6. Supports single-port KVM (with HDMI IN and USB IN) control module for system and network management on multiple server platforms;

  7. Two configurations available (with i7-1195G7 and N6000 processors respectively) in order to suits everyone needs;

  8. 16GB high frequency dual channel LPDDR4x 3733 RAM for a better experience;

  9. Comes with 1TB M.2 2280 solid state drive and supports PCIe 4 protocol with significantly improved transmission speed (up to 7.8GB/s theoretical peak speed, surpassing Thunderbolt 4);

  10. Built-in Thunderbolt 4 interface that is fully compatible with USB4 and other devices including external graphics docks, enabling higher working and gaming efficiency;

  11. Accurate fingerprint sensor enabling 1-second fast unlocking and genuine privacy protection;

  12. Supports Wi-Fi 6, with theorical 300MB/s download speed, transmission speed and throughput that are nearly 5 times those of Wi-Fi 5;

  13. Aluminum unibody design, similar as what being used by Apple devices, giving a appearance with sophistication and details;

  14. Active and quiet heat dissipation with intelligently controlled cooling fans (with hydraulic bearings and pure copper cooling modules);

  15. Ergonomic mouse + touchpad layout optimized for thumb control while holding the device with two hands;

  16. 10000mAh high-capacity battery that supports 45W PD fast charge and 9 hours of video playback;

  17. Supports mainstream PD power banks, which allow 45W or higher input power for faster charging;

  18. Supports TPM 2.0 and comes with the latest Windows 11 to meet the needs of those want to try the latest trendy technology;

  19. QWERTY full keyboard optimized for best two hand typing experience, and with long-lasting backlight that can be turned on or off through key combinations;

  20. Built-in 2 million pixel camera for online communication with family and friends anytime, anywhere;

  21. The 2.5mm screw holes on the side make it convenient for flexible fixing in various complex settings, including fixing on a stand or behind a screen;

  22. All-round productivity tool in your pocket, which can help you solve problems anytime, anywhere;

  23. 2.5G Ethernet card with ground-breaking transmission rate that is 2.5 times the theoretical speed of gigabit broadband;

  24. 3 USB 3.2 ports to connect more peripherals with 10Gbps/s high-speed transmission;

  25. User-friendly lanyard design that accommodates any name card/phone lanyard;

  26. Multiple video outputs for flexible multi-tasking, including simultaneous work and play;

  27. Top of line AAC stereo speakers with double amplitude enhancement, great volume with clear sound;

Pocket 3 is the perfect combination of professional O&M functions and portability. It integrates a complete set of O&M interfaces within a 8-inch compact body that weighs only 0.7kg, allowing the engineer to carry less but still comfortably dealing with front-line tasks such as debugging, remote operation, maintenance, and real-time monitoring.

Pocket 3 is the perfect combination of professional O&M functions and portability. It integrates a complete set of O&M interfaces within a 8-inch compact body that weighs only 0.7kg, allowing the engineer to carry less but still comfortably dealing with front-line tasks such as debugging, remote operation, maintenance, and real-time monitoring.

The modular I/O port design allows a tiny PC like Pocket 3 to adapt well in different use cases (by swapping between different expansion modules). The serial port expansion module of Pocket 3 uses the standard EIA RS-232 communication protocol and can connect to various 9-pin serial devices.

The single KVM port control module for Pocket 3 can be used to access and control another computer for system and network device management.

It integrates HDMI IN and USB IN ports, so you only need an HDMI cable or HDMI to VGA cable to connect Pocket 3 to the targeted server and fully control the server through the Pocket 3’s own keyboard and mouse.

Unlike “remote desktop”, the KVM control module is used for hardware-level access control covering the entire use process of the targeted server, from booting, BIOS settings to operations within the OS.

It is hot-swappable but has no IP KVM, so it does not support remote management and is suitable for managing local network equipment that has no keyboard, mouse and display.


KVM compatible OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS

KVM compatible hardware: General server, dedicated server, soft router, NAS

KVM compatible applications: Information control center, call center, securities/financial trading system, industrial control, teaching, bank data center, test center

Our specifically designed swivel screen made with powder metallurgy technology allows for an effort-less 180 degree movement (which can be done with one hand) in a clockwise rotation around the Y axis. It has passed the durability test (100,000 continuous robot arm operations including rotation, opening and closing) with a serviceability rate of 99.3%.

Pocket 3 supports active stylus with 4096-level pressure, original handwriting, and is compatible with Surface Pen (using Microsoft MPP 2.0 protocol), allowing to write notes, annotations and signatures whenever you want. It allows you to make creative content with sufficient precision.

Pocket 3 has a light and strong all-aluminum (6061) body manufactured according to the same unibody design used by Apple devices, which has 36 level of processing treatment, including ultra-fine CNC machining that eliminates chamfer burrs, sand polishing for achieving a glass-like smooth surface with delicate texture, distributing liquid dyes evenly into tiny cavities through capillary effect, anodizing process for forming a super protective layer, and polishing with magnetized iron powder for creating a jade-like smooth appearance!

Our widely acclaimed chiclet chocolate style “QWERTY” keyboard, which has won the German Red Dot Award, is optimized for typing with both hands by concentrating the most important keys on the center, making it very comfortable to play keyboard and mouse-controlled games on this device!

You don’t have to carry a mouse around with Pocket 3! Keeping the ergonomic design of Micro-PC, with three mouse buttons on the left and touchpad on the right, Pocket 3 is optimized for thumb control while holding the device with both hands, allowing operations efficiency exceeding traditional clam-shell form factor conveniency.

Pocket 3 has two different hardware versions (high-end and base). The high-end version comes with the latest 11th gen i7-1195G7 processor, which has 4 cores and 8 threads, a core frequency of up to 5.0GHz, and 4 cores maximum frequency of 4.6GHz. Its overall performance is surpassing the 8700K, a desktop processor, which is making it suitable for enjoying AAA games and for working with various large-scale design software.

The base version is equipped with Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor, which has 4 cores 4 threads, the new Tremont micro-architecture, 10W TDP, single and multi-core performance surpassing that of Intel Core m3-8100Y, making it suitable for running mainstream office software and enjoying 4K Blu-ray movies for a longer period of time.

16GB dual-channel LPDDR4x high-speed memory with 86GB/s bandwidth, which coupled with Intel 11th-generation 1195G7 processor can support opening multiple applications at the same time without stuttering, and reducing rendering time of large editing tools such as PR and AE by 40% (compared with models using 1130G7, a same-generation ultra-low-power processor).


The default memory frequency of Pocket 3 high edition is 3733MHz, which is actually LPDDR4x 4266, it can be manually changed to 4266MHz t in BIOS. The low edition is also equipped with LPDDR4x 4266, but the N6000 processor supports max to LPDDR4x 2933, so the actual frequency is 2933MHz.

Breaking through design limitations, Pocket 3 supports single and double-sided solid-state drives and the latest PCIe 4 protocol, which has a top speed (up to 7.877GB/s) 2 times that of PCIe 3. With Pocket 3, you can say goodbye to stuttering and low-speed reading and writing and have significantly improved work efficiency.


Test software: AS SSD Benchmark;

Test environment: 1195G7, LPDDR4x 4266, Samsung 980 PRO 500GB;

Different versions of AS SSD Benchmark test results are slightly different, and the heat dissipation will severely affect the read/write speed;

The chart shows read and write speed on PCIe 4 SSD. The standard configuration for the shipped machine is PCIe 3 SSD. If you want to ensure to reach the speed of the SSD in the chart, please purchase PCIe 4 SSD and swap it by yourself.

Located at the upper left corner of the screen is a 1080P high-definition ultra-thin mini camera that has 2 million pixels and features a larger/wider 77° field of view, so that you can communicate with your family anytime, anywhere via live webcast or hold video conferences with colleagues.

Pocket 3 takes the lead in supporting Window 11(Default built-in Windows 10 Home)which will bring you an extraordinary new experience with new logo, start menu, software library, system theme and rounded rectangular frosted glass effect. You can even use native Android apps on it, and experience on it with games such as “League of Legends”!

Pocket 3 comes with top of line AAC linear stereo speakers from Germany. With a sound cavity design using Bass materials (the equivalent to a 0.9cc sound cavity) and a double coil drive that enables diaphragm load balance and double amplitude enhancement, Pocket 3 can provide a great volume with clear sound!

Pocket 3 come with three USB3.2 Gen2 ports, all with a 10Gbps transfer rate (1000MB/s). This means that it can transmit data at a higher speed and connect with more USB devices at the same time, including external hard drives, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, speakers, gamepads, hubs, etc., without the need for repeated plug-in/out operations or even an external USB hub.

Pocket 3 has a great port selection that supports a wide range of applications, such as watching a movie while browsing stock trends or playing games by connecting two external monitors.


The base version of Pocket 3 has 1 HDMI 2.0b port and 1 full-featured Type C port, both supporting up to 4K/60Hz displays;

The high-end version of Pocket 3 has 1 HDMI 2.0b port, and 1 Thunderbolt 4 port which supports up to 8K/60Hz displays.

Built-in 10000mAh (38.5Wh) high-capacity battery that allows an average of 8.5 hours of local video playback (test result). High-capacity battery; in combination of 45W PD fast charge and high-efficiency direct power supply to the motherboard; allows you to concentrate on working without concerning about battery life.

Pocket 3 supports PD fast charging protocol with 45W mobile power bank. When you are away from home, it can share the same mobile power banks with your mobile phone, allowing it to be recharged anytime and anywhere, effectively solving any anxiety of remaining battery.

It can be used with a phone lanyard to prevent accidental loss and drop, making it easier and safer to carry and use the device on the go.

Additional information

Brand Name



Thunderbolt 4, 1×USB 3.2 Gen2, 1×USB 3.2 Type C, RJ-45

Video Memory Capacity

Main memory allocated memory

Display Size


Display Ratio




Dimensions (WxHxD)


Operating System

Windows 10



Graphics Card Model

Intel Iris Xe Graphics 96

Hard Drive Type


Screen Refresh Rate


Hard Drive Capacity


Weight (Battery Included)


Model Number

Pocket 3

CPU Brand/Model

Intel Core i7-1

Panel Type




Body Material





bluetooth, Camera, Backlit keyboard, Fingerprint Recognition, Touchscreen

Optical Drive Type


Average Battery Life(in hours)



CE, FCC, RoHS, pse

Display resolution




Product 1 CPU

Intel Core i7-1195G7

Product 2 CPU

Intel Pentium Silver N6000


Thunderbolt 4

I/O Interface

HDMI 2.0b, 2xUSB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A


flat island type QWERTY full keyboard


Power-fingerprint Two in One Button


Support Max 3 Fingers Actions


Left Right Button, Scroll Wheel


4096-level Pressure Sensitivity

Network Interface


USB expansion module

1xUSB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A

Serial port expansion

RS 232

KVM expansion

Single Port KVM Control Module With 1xHDMI IN and 1xUSB IN

Audio Frequency

3.5mm Headset Microphones




38.5Wh 7.7V 5000mAhx2 Series

Battery Life

2 Hours of Heavy Use

Net Weight



198x137x20 mm

Thermal Design

Active cooling with large fans


Hall Sensor


Global Warranty

Warranty Time

Device 1 year, Charger 1 year

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18 Reviews For This Product

  1. 18

    by P***g

    Awesome and super fast delivery

  2. 18

    by C***O

    Well after a “FedEx” shipping adventure that decided to ship this tablet through extra parts of USA, I was finally happy to get it.

    now starting with the “negative” :

    I can say, firstly, the notebook was not updated to the official “Windows 11”, this alone is not so bad, trying to download GPD’s official Windows 11/firmware/driver package just currently can not happen … so doing a clean official install was not a go, had to do it the old fashioned way.

    secondly I wanted this tablet to run at full power so in the bios I took the underclocked ram and the under watted CPU/GPU and set it to full power … with the restart I was left with a black screen for a longer then normal period of time.

    now I have a powerful portable tablet that allows me to work and as you can see with a modified game controller allowing me to play.

    the 11th gen I7 is amazing, my recommendations is for work this can handle almost everything, for playing great for emulators and 90% of Windows games.

  3. 18

    by AliExpress Shopper

    Shipping was fast! It only took 7 days to go from Hong Kong to the east cost of USA using FedEx! I did receive what I ordered however I thought the RS-232 and KVM modules would be included but were not. I just tried looking through GPD’s storefront on AliExpress and don’t see an option to buy the modules separately. I do network/server admin work so I was looking forward to those features and that’s why I’m knocking a star off.

  4. 18

    by t***r

    Great performance on the n6000, ssd was a little slow but I had some laying around, great customer service that answered all my questions after receiving item. Keep in mind this is the official Gpd store page, others are not.

  5. 18

    by K***c

  6. 18

    by AliExpress Shopper

    Большое спасибо. Быстрая доставка, хорошая упаковка. Сделал лазерную гравировку русской клавиатуры.

  7. 18

    by AliExpress Shopper

  8. 18

    by G***l

    this is one hell of a laptop, its a kind of category which only geeks will enjoy, now am expecting much more from it, i suppose windows should work on the touch UI, i.e. combining both tablet and pc

  9. 18

    by B***r

    It is a very nice little computer, just the right balance of portability and functionality for me! The active stylus support is great too!

  10. 18

    by A***u

    This pc is one of the best thing I bought. Thank you, even with pandemic everything worked!
    Screen is wonderful, seriously perfect, crisp and bright!
    Everything go so fast in this little thing, love it!
    Only had to change the driver for the pen with the newer on the site. Easy. It is more than I expected. Again, good job!

  11. 18

    by J***g

    wonderful buy. loving it

  12. 18

    by J***a

    excelente computadora para trabajo de office, acabado de calidad en aluminio, la calidad de imagen es un poco mejor que la de un One Xplayer el Stylus funciona correctamente, le tuve que comprar un protector de pantalla ya que este no tiene y ya he tenido experiencia con el micropc que se daña la pantalla con las teclas. la calidad de la cámara es regular aunque no lo recomendaría para una videoconferencia.
    Satisfecho con el producto y el vendedor es muy atento a las consultas.

  13. 18

    by C***P

    An absolutely stellar computer, that somehow shipped to New Zealand in four days! My only gripe is that one of the rubber feet is a tiny bit off, making it wobbly on flat surfaces, and how difficult it is to get your own Linux distro running on it. GPD offer some preconfigured packages that presumably work, and Windows runs fine.

  14. 18

    by S***n

  15. 18

    by I***n

    It is perfect. I hope it will not disappoint me. Seller is helpful and polite. I recommend this store and this wonderful laptop.

  16. 18

    by AliExpress Shopper

    Отличный компьютер! Сделан очень качественно, алюминиевый корпус, модульный порт. Всё соответствует заявленным характеристикам (модель с i7-1195G7). Если нужен маленький производительный компьютер – рекомендую!

  17. 18

    by R***n

    Cool small and powerful laptop. Works almost perfectly with linux – the only issue is display doesn’t wake up from S3 suspend, but I hope it will be fixed sooner or later. Came with a bag, lanyard and a very good quality pen. The pen input itself is not something to be excited about. It is pretty wavy, which is exaggerated by small screen, but this is a part of the course for these active pens. At least it is there and good enough for sketching. Can’t give it 5 stars, tho. Screen colors are visibly off, which I can live with. Audio quality, on the other side, is atrocious – lows are non-existent and mic is very noisy. You would have to use external sound card or Bluetooth headset if you want to listen to music on it or use it for voice calls.

  18. 18

    by E***v

    Большое спасибо!!! Ноутбук просто супер. Работает очень шустро и как не странно тянет на максимальном разрешении на низких или средних настройках современные игры. Сборка очень качественная. Скептически относился к шарниру, но выглядит надежно и достаточно жестко. Не могу пока разобраться с зарядником, кроме родного ни один не хочет заряжать. Если Pocket 2 заряжался от чего угодно, то для Pocket 3 похоже нужен QC 3.0 и напряжение 15 вольт. Повербанк тоже не понятно какой покупать.

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